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The doctor-patient relationship takes affinity

written by Dr. Shouchun Ma
Translated by Zheng Li

Oct 16, 2019

One Chinese proverb said: “The doctor-patient relationship takes on a certain lover-like quality”.  Now I’ll revise it as: “The doctor-patient relationship takes affinity”.

A lady, in her thirties, presented with symptoms of fatigue, daily headaches triggered by fatigue.  She has to lie down to alleviate headaches.  She has light and irregular menstruation. She practiced Qigong and Tai Chi for many years, yet has not finished the full (simplified) Tai Chi sequence.
Western medicine offered no clear diagnosis.

Today after treatment, she told me: thank you for your treatment for such a long time.  I felt a lot more energy and headaches are gone.
I felt embarrassed that this “little problem” has taken such several years to treat.
If she gave up two years ago, then we would not have arrived here today.
If she gave up one year ago, then we would not have arrived here today.
What would have happened without successful treatment?  Premature aging definitely.

I thank her for her trust and patience.  She paid herself for weekly treatments.  She never asked me:  why are the symptoms not gone already? when could the treatment start to work?

As a doctor, I often asked these questions myself.  Why did effective treatment on others not seem to work on her?  As a result, I tweaked treatment regimen many times during the course of several years.
I also thought, should I refer to another doctor who could help her better?   But then, I decided against it too.

This case worked due to trust and persistence, hence “the doctor-patient relationship takes affinity”.
There are also many other similar cases.














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