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Help with Osteoporosis


Long Term Healing

Dr. Ma is the best, kindest, and most professional doctor I’ve ever known. He truly cares about his patients, and does everything possible to help with their pain issues, and long term healing. I was in an accident, and fell directly on, and crushed my tailbone area. The MRI imaging showed multiple compression fractures, and herniated discs. I had “pain

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Improve and recover our physical and mental health

Congratulations on opening your second location! I am very happy that people in Bellevue will be able to receive your wonderful care. A year ago, the two of you -Shouchun and Lanli- helped Miles and I improve and recover our physical and mental health. We are very grateful.

We wish you and your family many blessings

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I am still alive, and cancer free

Ten years ago I went to bed weighing 125 lbs. and woke up 30 lbs. heavier and a very enlarged stomach. After 7 months of trying to find out why, I received an email in memory of Gilda Radnor warning that if this ever happened to you, get checked for Ovarian Cancer. I finally had my answer.

Days later I

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