Acupuncture in Seattle and new Bellevue office 

Shouchun Ma, Ph.D.

LanLi Ma, Lic. Acupuncturist

Welcome to Ma’s Acupuncture! We have been committed to providing quality care for over 25 years in Seattle and Bellevue WA. We specialize in treating different kinds of pain, as well as anxiety, fertility, post menopause symptoms, facial care and overall wellness, using acupuncture, herbs, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

One of our acupuncture clinics is located in Green Lake, for easy access from U-District, Ballard, Fremont, and other North Seattle neighborhoods.  The other clinic is located in Bellevue on 140th Ave, for easy access from Mercer Island, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, and Renton neighborhoods.

We are here to provide quality care, restore harmony and return the body to health, while helping people live a quality life.


About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Trained professionals use disposable thin metal needles to stimulate specific points on the body. The fundamental principles of acupuncture are to treat the person as an integrated whole in body, mind, and spirit, and to remedy the root causes of illness and disease, not only the symptoms. Acupuncture has been used for thousand years in the treatment of disease and injury. It is also as well as for preventive care.

Acupuncture has been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations and the National Institutes of Health. These bodies have declared acupuncture an effective treatment for the following conditions, such as pain conditions, chemotherapy nausea, digestive problems, headaches, infections, cold, flu, and menstrual and female disorders.






Herbal Medicine

About Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is capable of treating a wide range of conditions. An herbal formula is considered to be more than the sum of each of the individual herbs, the combination and synergy of herbs used together is the key to effective treatment.

Herbal medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine as a whole, places great emphasis on the health of mind, body and spirit. Integral to this system is the belief that health is more than just the absence of illness, but that the best medicine also addresses disease prevention and the maintenance of vitality, thereby increasing the potential for well-being and happiness.

Dr. Ma talks about balance and Q&A

Written by Dr. Shouchun Ma

Translated by Maggie Zeng

July 22, 2019





哪些因素会打破平衡?手术,突然改变饮食生活习惯,重大情绪刺激等等。 一个病人腰痛两周看医生,医生量了她的腿,一边长一边短,建议右倒增高鞋垫,她觉得找对病因了。结果腰痛没有好,髋关节又痛。 闲云以为,找错原因了,一腿长一腿短已经几十年了,已经建立了平衡。一侧增高鞋垫,反而打破了平衡。故腰痛未愈,髋痛又起。 又,腰痛仅两周,显然不是腿短引起的。 患者初不信,人家是很准确的丈量了的,而闲云仅凭脉证和推理,两周痊愈,才信了。

Dr. Ma talks about balance

The current health condition of each person has been formed over many years. It’s a balance. And it shouldn’t be easily broken, rather the balance should be adjusted when necessary. If the balance

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The doctor-patient relationship takes affinity

written by Dr. Shouchun Ma
Translated by Zheng Li

Oct 16, 2019

One Chinese proverb said: “The doctor-patient relationship takes on a certain lover-like quality”.  Now I’ll revise it as: “The doctor-patient relationship takes affinity”.

A lady, in her thirties, presented with symptoms of fatigue, daily headaches triggered by fatigue.  She has to lie down to alleviate headaches.  She

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Discussion of Honeysuckle Flower

June 10, 2019
Answers by Dr. Shouchun Ma
Translated by Mei Zhou


Dr. Ma: Pomegranate flower, Honey Suckle Flower, flowers of my hometown!

Question: It’s so nice to see your pomegranate flowers and honeysuckle flowers By the way, how to make honeysuckle tea? Do you just pick the flowers and dry them, or do they need to

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