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Discussion of Honeysuckle Flower

June 10, 2019
Answers by Dr. Shouchun Ma
Translated by Mei Zhou


Dr. Ma: Pomegranate flower, Honey Suckle Flower, flowers of my hometown!

Question: It’s so nice to see your pomegranate flowers and honeysuckle flowers By the way, how to make honeysuckle tea? Do you just pick the flowers and dry them, or do they need to be processed? Do you pick the yellow flowers or the white ones? Do you use the buds?

Dr. Ma: Good questions! It’s best to dry honey suckle flowers in shaded area. Try to avoid exposing them under the scorching sun. The white flowers are the best if picked when still buds, but will bloom right after they are picked and exposed under the sun.

Chinese medicine believes that honeysuckle detox the body, especially for the head, throat sores and swelling, also effective for acne. It can relief skin allergy in the head and face too!

I can also let you in on a secret that you can’t find in any books! Honeysuckle refreshment can prevent memory loss and insomnia, in other words, it prevent dementia effectively. This is because the brain is “clear land”, afraid of phlegm, afraid of heat, afraid of wet, afraid of stasis. Honeysuckle helps rise up into brain, its fragrance dissolves humidity and turbidity, also clear heat without upsetting the stomach. It helps people stay clear headed, and it can enhance memory and prevent brain function degradation.

Question: That’s great! To treat acne for youth, should it be taken as tea? How much of it should be taken per day?  Will it cause uncomfortable in the stomach if taken too much?

Dr. Ma: The flower is sweet cool,won’t upset the stomach like bitter cold medicine would.   It is best to take 10g per dose, and 30g at the maximum.

Question: Only the white buds can be used, not the yellow ones?

Dr. Ma: The yellow ones can be used, just not as effective. Honeysuckle is an elegant and effective traditional Chinese medicine. It grows very well in North America, but it takes time to pick.

Question: Without drying, can you make tea with freshly picked flowers?

Dr. Ma: Yes. The fresh ones are even better! If you have the time to make honeysuckle dew with the flower and tender branches, it’s very beneficial to your health.

Question: How do you make honeysuckle dew?

Answer1: the honeysuckle dew is purified honeysuckle water. You can use a distiller if you want to do it yourself, like the used in middle school labs. Dew normally means purified. If this is too inconvenient, you can also reduce the liquid by boiling it on low heat.

Answer2: Honey Silver Flower Dew

Main ingredients: honeysuckle,

Auxiliary ingredients: honey

Efficacy: Clear away heat and detoxify, moisten intestine and purgative

Materials and Production:

Honeysuckle 50 grams, and 50 grams of honey. Put honeysuckle into the pot, boiling on low heat, extract juice. Take a bowl of honeysuckle juice 2 times a day, add 25 grams of honey, and stir well.

Efficacy and taboo

Clear away heat and poison, moisten bowel and unblock bowels. It is suitable for constipation patients with excess heat.

Dr. Wu:It’s best not to boil honeysuckle for long time. Boiling for longer than 10 mins will destroy the aroma of the flower. If can’t be distilled, better drink it directly as tea.

Question:Do you put it in water of 70 – 80 degree celsius, like you do with normal tea?

Dr.  Wu: You can even use boiling water. Putting it in boiling water for 5 to 10 mins is fine.



问: 马医生,看到你的石榴花金銀花,真好!順便問一下怎麼做金銀花茶?就收下來晒旱就行嗎,還是要加工?選金花銀花還是未開的花?


马医生@小貓  很好的问题,又可以啰嗦几句了。金银花阴干为好,不在烈日下直晒。最好是将开未开的白色花蕾。但要注意掌握,摘时未开,一晒就开了。











@梅  金银花甘凉,不象苦寒药伤胃,一般10克为宜,不超过30克。

@怡Yiོ༻  黄色花亦可用,功效弱一些而已。








怡@闲云 学习了[Salute][Salute][Salute]请问如果不干燥,刚摘下来的新鲜金银花可以直接泡茶吗?



@闲云 觉得以前一些事好好笑,而且现在觉得是一种美好、有趣、愉悦的回忆



@闲云 第一次听您把金银花讲得如此清楚,对金银花也有了更多的了解,自己以前有很多误区,看来偶尔泡点金银花是不错的饮品,谢谢您的讲解[Coffee]





@小貓 金銀花露就是提純了的金銀花水,要自己做的話,就是要用蒸餾器,就是我們中學實驗室那種簡單的都可以。



@小貓 金銀花露就是提純了的金銀花水,要自己做的話,就是要用蒸餾器,就是我們中學實驗室那種簡單的都可以。






















@春夏秋冬 @Lisa @小貓 最好不要熬制,如果不能蒸馏,就直接泡水喝为宜,因为沸腾10分钟后金银花的芳香成分就挥发掉了



@闲云 马寿椿 马叔叔好!金银花预防老年痴呆,受教了,谢谢![Rose][Rose][Rose][Fight]



@吴俊梅 謝謝,是不是像泡綠茶一樣,7,80度的水泡泡就行了?





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