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Ying Lu, coming practitioner

Ying Lu, Reception & BillingShe earned her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture from Shanghai University of Chinese Tradition Medicine in 2001. During that time, she focused on the research of Acupuncture treatment on Heroin additional syndromes and its functional mechanism. She published 《 the observation of positive points along the spine on heroin addicts》 on the journals of 《Chinese Acupuncture》.  She worked in a famous Chinese Biochemical company as Sales Manager for 15 years and then in 2016, Her family moved into USA.

2001年毕业于上海中医药大学针灸系,硕士研究生,研究方向为针刺对海洛因戒断症状的治疗作用及治疗机理,期间曾在《中国针灸》发表《海洛因依赖者脊柱阳性反应点观察》 等文章。 其后一直在中国一国际知名生化公司分管国际销售工作。 2016年中移居美国.

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