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Weak immune system. Pneumonia. Acupuncture Helped.

This review is very late in coming, but it is heartfelt. My daughter was 13 years old. She has a very weak immune system. She had pneumonia, and it was getting worse, in spite of our seeing another acupuncturist in town. She’d been ill for two weeks, was home from school, was resting (sleep was nearly impossible) at a 45 degree angle in the family room, with me nearby on the futon. Her breathing was getting worse, not better, and she had begun to run a temperature. We were terrified.

Enter Dr. Ma. He saw our daughter, got her started on acupuncture and Chinese herbs. He told us that she would sleep through the night that night and all subsequent nights, and that her fever would be gone by morning and would not return. We were skeptical, but events unfolded exactly as he said they would. Our daughter also felt stronger the next day, but she continued to cough over some months. Acupuncture helped, but clearing out the lungs after pneumonia apparently takes time. Our daughter recovered completely, and Dr. Ma helped her when no one else was able to do so. WE LOVE HIM, and we see him whenever we need to. Wonderful doctor, caring and kind person.

~ Nina P.
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