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Suggested Foods for people with skin allergies


By Dr. Shouchun Ma, April 30, 2021

Translated by Marlena


  1. Clearing and nourishing lungs: pears, loquat, water chestnuts, qingming cai (affine cudweed), pork fat.

清肺润肺食物 :梨、枇杷、茡荠 (马蹄)、清明菜、猪油


  1. Nourishing kidney Yin fluid and dispelling Wind: shells, oysters, pork, turtle shells (powdered capsules)

养肾阴熄风食物:贝壳、牡蛎、猪肉、龟板 (打粉装胶囊服)


  1. Clearing heat and detoxifying: bitter melon, honeysuckle, dandelion, chrysanthemum, wild chrysanthemum, mulberry leaf, purslane, mung bean, black bean, raw honey (chrysanthemum and black bean can also dispel wind)



  1. Cooling blood: Digu Bark (Root Bark of Goji, Chinese wolfberry), leaf of Goji, Sophora japonicus, Rehmannia glutinosa (Chinese medicine), green salt



  1. Astringent liver: ebony plum



  1. Others: yam, rice, raw peanuts, olive oil, coconut


Note: 注:

  1. The foods above can be therapeutic, there are many similar foods, please check yourself.



  1. Use the proper amount, not too much, it will be harmful if it is too much.



  1. If you feel uncomfortable after taking a certain food, stop using it.


Avoid Stimulating Food:


Lamb, chicken, goose, pork head, shrimp, crab, bamboo shoot, mushroom, coriander (Chinese parsley) , sweet rice wine (Jiuniang), spicy food


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