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Q&A of honeysuckle flower

June 10, 2019
Answers by Dr. Shouchun Ma
Translated by Jin Zeng

@闲云  马寿椿 金银花是上升和发散的?那是不是不适合高血压的人?
Is honeysuckle rising and diverging? Is that not good for people with high blood pressure?

@晶  两码事,很多概念绲在一起了。与高血压无关!
That’s different. Many concepts get mixed together. It has nothing to do with high blood pressure!

@晶  刚才一个不在群里的朋友告诉我,他吃了一周的金银花(泡水),他觉得发热,一查,血压上升,停两天再查,正常了。这个说法颠复了我的认知!。 希望正在吃金银花的朋友,自测一下血压,看看那是个别现象,还是普遍规律?是金银花所致,还是其它原因?
Just now a friend who is not in the group told me that he has been drinking honeysuckle tea for a week and got fever. When he checked, his blood pressure was elevated. He stopped drinking honeysuckle tea. Two days later, his blood pressure was back to normal. This statement subverted my cognition! For friends who are drinking honeysuckle tea, I hope you can monitor your blood pressure. I’d like to see if this is just an individual case or general rule? Does honeysuckle cause it or something else?

@闲云 马寿椿 :我們老倆口都有高血壓。自从馬医生在群里討論金銀花以后,我們開始喝金銀花茶(新鮮的)至今大約有兩周。我每天早上都測血压,沒有任何變化。我家老乔因患皮疹,馬医生建議吃銀翹解毒片,現有10余天,皮疹好了。謝謝馬医生!我們打算繼續喝金銀花茶直到夏天過去。
Both of us have high blood pressure. It’s been about two weeks since we started drinking fresh honeysuckle flower tea after we heard Dr. Ma discussed it in the group. I have my blood pressure checked every morning and nothing has changed. My spouse has skin rash. Dr. Ma suggested him to take yinqiao detoxification tablets. He has been taken it for about 10 days. His rash is gone. Thank you, Dr. Ma. We plan to continue drinking honeysuckle tea until the summer is over.

@小貓  谢谢!又多了一个实测答案!有说服力的答案!
Thank you! One more real case! A convincing answer!

Just like the Chinese proverb, ‘The knowledge gained from the book is always swallow. One must practice personally to grasp thoroughly.’

@闲云 马寿椿 现在正是贴三伏贴的时候,这个有用吗?
Now it’s time to apply Sanfutie. Is this useful?
(Sanfutie, a typical counter-season treatment in the system of traditional Chinese medicine, treats cold-weather-related illnesses in hot summer with a bandage made of traditional Chinese herbal medicine placed on various acupuncture points on the body.)

@因为活着  三伏贴有用,特别是对有慢性咳嗽哮喘的人。
Sanfutie is very helpful especially for people with chronic cough and asthma.

Is turmeric also good for liver to clear heat? Is it useful for acne too? Thank you!

@梅  姜黄行气破血,外用于跌打损伤,内服用于血瘀经闭。没有补益作用,是药不是食,我不建议用于保健。
Turmeric can move qi and break blood. It’s used externally for bruises and internally for blood stasis amenorrhea. It has no tonic effect. It’s medicine not food. I do not recommend it as health supplement.

Can you use Siberian Solomonseal Rhizome
to braise or stew with meat as diet therapy? I’ve seen a documentary about Mt. Wudang. It’s mentioned Taoist monks use Siberian Solomonseal Rhizome year round.

@Stephanie  黄精平补气血,但偏腻,留湿生痰,脾虚湿重者不宜。
Siberian Solomonseal Rhizome replenishes qi and blood. But it’s character is sticky. It would keep dampness and produce phlegm. It’s not suitable for someone with deficient spleen and excessive dampness.

谢谢!脾虚湿重有什么特点,怎么判断自己是否脾虚湿重?@闲云 马寿椿
How to know if one has deficient spleen and excessive dampness? What symptoms do those patients have?

@Stephanie 体重、头闷、腹胀,食后疲倦等等,可在网上查一下具体症状。
Fatigue, headache, bloating, tired after eating. You can search the specific symptoms on the Internet.


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